In Honor Of ‘Mission: Impossible — Fallout,’ Here Are The 10 Best Action Movie Scenes Of The Last 10 Years

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It will happen three or four times while watching Mission: Impossible — Fallout; you won’t realize how tightly you’re clenching your fists in excitement until after the scene is over. That’s par for the course for the M:I franchise, which is now six movies strong, but Fallout appears to be the most exhilarating and fun installment yet. In honor of Cruise doing what he does best — almost dying (or at least breaking his ankle again) for the sins of lesser blockbusters — we took a look back at 10 of the best action movie scenes since 2008. There are car chases, explosions, bloody brawls, two Charlize Theron films, and of course, Ethan Hunt on a very, very, very tall building.

Joker chase scene in The Dark Knight (2008)

When people say “edge of my seat,” as in “I was on the edge of my seat watching the game last night,” they’re using the expression figuratively. But when it comes to The Dark Knight, specifically the action scene where Harvey Dent captures the Joker, I was literally on the edge of my seat. Christopher Nolan shoots the scene smoothly, but it’s also total chaos: a helicopter spirals out of control, gunshots echo in Chicago, the Joker cackles like a maniac, and Batman causes a freaking 18-wheeler to flip over using his Batpod. It’s all very silly (shoutout to “turkeys on Thanksgiving” cop), but the stakes are serious. It’s also much better than the, uh, other Joker chase scene. — Josh Kurp

Vault heist in Fast Five (2011)

The best part of the Fast Five vault heist — maybe the second-best, sliding in just behind “it is awesome” — is picturing the next-day news coverage. Watch the scene in all of its 12- minute glory. Here are some things that happen:

  • A United States government official crashes a government-issued Batmobile SUV through the wall of a Rio police facility
  • Two wanted criminals rip a safe out of the wall and speed off with it, dragging behind their unmarked street racing cars in broad daylight
  • The two cars haul ass through downtown Rio with a safe dragging behind them, crashing it into dozens of parked cars and through the glass-fronted bank building that line the city’s main drag and causing millions of dollars in property damage
  • The thieves kill, presumably, at least 10 Brazilian cops in the escape
  • They get away

Please do imagine, like, Wolf Blitzer covering this story as it develops live on air. It adds another layer to the whole thing that is just beautiful. — Brian Grubb

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