Will ‘Zoolander 2’ Be Able To Top These Cameos From The First Film?

The trailer for Zoolander 2 has hit and many of the old feelings are back from the original in 2001, including those exciting celebrity cameos. 2001 was an odd time in our lives and many of the celebrities that showed up to support Derek Zoolander reflect that.

Sure there was David Bowie and many icons of fashion, but there was also a Billy Zane that wasn’t far from the peak of his fame. There was a Paris Hilton before her DJ career made her a household name. And yeah, Vince Vaughn and Judah Friedlander played Derek Zoolander’s brothers (both working with Jon Voight in the coal mines).

There’s a massive list aside from those, and it begs the question: will the new film outdo it? We’ve already seen a few cameos pop up, including Benedict Cumberbatch as some sort of Final Fantasy character brought to life. Then again, it’s also hard to call that a cameo because he’s not playing himself on the screen. The main thing I’m interested in seeing is the return of David Bowie (and possibly some sort of villainous appearance by Karl Lagerfeld, swooping in on leathery wings adorned with chain mail).

What do you think? Will Zoolander 2 outdo its original?