Friday Conversation: Who’s The Best Fake President?

and 03.04.16 2 years ago 38 Comments


It’s really not fair to compare real-life Presidents to the fictional ones that throw terrorists off of their damn plane or showcase an unwavering sense of moral goodness. These fake leaders have the benefit of usually only being in front of us for two hours instead of two four-year terms, so naturally we’re not going to see their warts (unless, of course, you’re talking about President Frank Underwood on House of Cards). Say what you will about President Whitmore’s thrilling heroics in Independence Day, but what about his trade policies? Would he “Make America Great Again” if elected? We’ll never know — or maybe we will, the host of The Apprentice is leading in the polls, so this is clearly a day of many possibilities — but we can surely fantasize about President Camacho for America and other make believe heads of state. So, as you can see below, we’ve made our picks and now we’d like you to read them, react, and tell us about the TV or film Commander in Chief that you’d most likely throw your support to.

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