Winter Is Still Coming, And The Awful Fantasy Twitter Will Keep Us Entertained In The Meantime

You don’t have to be a Stephen Colbert-level Tolkien fan or have spent the past 25 years waiting for winter to come to enjoy the jokes from Awful Fantasy, a parody Twitter account started in September of 2014 and amassing a wealth of quality awfulness since then.

They specialize in tweets satirizing the tropes every awful movie and book in the fantasy genre seem to rely on, whether it’s author self-insertion, unnecessary gobbledygook, casual misogyny, or derivative story lines. Other tweets start out sounding like a typical fantasy plot line, then veer off in an unexpected — often more depressingly realistic — direction. And some of them are just silly fun, like the tweet immortalized in the illustration above: “The minstrel played a beautiful melody on her harp. Then she slammed on her effects pedal and ripped out a totally legendary solo.”

We’d suggest they should get a Hugo Award, but Chuck Tingle is hogging all of those awards already. So Awful Fantasy will have to settle for the next best thing: Having our favorite 35 tweets among their 1,100+ tweets rounded up below for your amusement. Thanks to Pleated Jeans for the heads up.

This was very prescient of an episode of Spontaneanation.