The Best Of Broken Lizard’s ‘Super Troopers’ Live Tweet

Earlier tonight, the Broken Lizard celebrated Super Troopers 2‘s phenomenal fundraising success by live tweeting Super Troopers on Comedy Central. The film aired from 6:50 to 9 p.m. (ET), rendering half of the network’s audience ridiculously excited. The other half wondered if they’d smoked themselves back in time to 2001.

Here’s some of the best moments from the live tweet, which was meant to draw more attention to the group’s Indiegogo campaign. Steve Lemme immediately shared some trivia about the opening scene:

Meanwhile, Kevin Heffernan revealed his hair and makeup secrets:

The team broke the news about Lemme’s true ethnic heritage:

Turns out Lemme’s really good at playing catch:

When asked about bringing Brian Cox back:

When asked about chugging (or not chugging) maple syrup:

Turns out Heffernan and Jim Gaffigan have a bit of a competitive streak going:

When asked about a possible zombie movie crossover:

On why you should fire your prop master, or get better friends:

Sometimes life would imitate art, and vice versa:

They didn’t deviate that much from the script, but when they did it was gold:

On weed, because weed:

Heffernan decided to egg fans on with a fundraising request built on extra perks for Rabbit (Erik Stolhanske):

Speaking of that first scene, what will the sequel’s involve?

Lemme was asked about wearing nothing but a cup. He answered just like we’d expect him to:

More on general hair care:

On why no one should ever want to kiss Paul Soter:

Heffernan’s best scene was kept in the family:

After Super Troopers 2 destroys the box office, Jay Chandrasekhar promises less of a wait:

Sometimes, the boys liked to get high:

On writing one of the movie’s best scenes:

The crew wasn’t as lonely as they first appear at the shooting range:

Turns out, Cox is a helluva fun guy to get fake drunk with and party:

Why filmmaking can cost so much:

Speaking of which, if they raise enough money Super Troopers 2 will make upgrades in the Farva-pleasure department:

What were your favorite moments from the live tweet?

(Via Twitter)