Betty White Provides The Only Review For ‘Deadpool’ That You’ll Need

Deadpool has been getting a lot of reviews ahead of its release, earning it a fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. But this review from Betty White is likely the only one you’re going to need. It has the white seal of approval, which is not a race thing in this case if David Duke asks. Instead, White talks about how much she loves Deadpool and how your entire family might enjoy it after passing certain criteria.

Ryan Reynolds is apparently “f*cking handsome” in his Deadpool suit and is a film that only comes along once in a generation — and apparently wasn’t going to come along at all until someone broke the law to make it happen.

Betty White should review more films. Giving someone a Golden Girls-theme awards is likely a fun idea for as long as it could last. The problem is White is likely only able to give out her “golden girls” awards because she is only surviving member of the cast. She controls the vast Golden Girls fortune, much like the Fighting Hellfish treasure from The Simpsons. This is where the problem arises because White has already spent much of the fortune to extend her life. This review likely cost her a few years at least, so Ryan Reynolds better cherish it.

(Via Ryan Reynolds)