Beyoncé May Join The Marvel Cinematic Universe

destiny's child
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As always with vague, unformed casting rumors, a pinch of salt is necessary. Two, actually, since this is from that bastion of accuracy, the Daily Star. But supposedly, Beyonce is looking into joining the Marvel Universe.

The Star claims they want her to join The Avengers, because God knows that series could use the marketing lift. As for what role, well… this is kind of where the article gets a little… poorly researched. They claim that among the characters she’s being considered for are Boom-Boom, who’s a mutant, and thus is owned by Fox, and who has never been an Avenger; Blink, another non-Avenging mutant owned by a rival film studio; Tigra, who mostly exists as a bikini pinup; and Hawkeye, who is a woman in the comics… a 20-year-old being mentored by Clint.

Honestly, it’s a bit hard to imagine Beyonce taking a role like Tigra, and it’s equally hard to imagine Marvel would let Jeremy Renner go. So either the Star is about take a hit on its accuracy percentage, or Beyonce is being considered for another franchise altogether. I wonder how she feels about talking raccoons?

(Via the Daily Star)