Jeff Bridges Recalls The Pubic Hair Prank He Endured While Filming The ‘Big Lebowski’ Dream Sequence

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Jeff Bridges was on Conan last night to promote Seventh Son and his new sleep album and SquareSpace website, but the conversation quickly turned — as I imagine most conversations do for The Dude — to The Big Lebowski. Always the amiable abider, Bridges was happy to share an inside story about the making of the iconic (let’s stop saying “cult”) film.

It turns out the day his wife and daughter visited him on the set was also the day he was scheduled to film the spectacular “Gutterballs” dream sequence. In other words, he was to stare up in amazement at a series of lady parts as he floated above a bowling lane — right in front of his family. Luckily, the tension was eased when the crew, his family, and especially the lane-straddling ladies conspired to give him something extra to gaze at.

Since you’re now hankering to watch that dream sequence for the 500th time, here it is: