Ryan Reynolds And The Rest Of The ‘Deadpool’ Team Made A Lot Of Chimichangas Thanks To The Film’s Success

Deadpool has proven itself to be a bona fide hit despite its R-rating, making upwards of $500 million internationally in the first two weeks since its release. Not only does this runaway success ensure that we’re getting an “Old Man Logan” Wolverine film, it also means that the team behind Deadpool is getting big payouts for their hard work, especially the merc with the mouth himself.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ryan Reynolds was initially paid $2 million to star in Deadpool, but through a previously negotiated deal regarding bonuses and backend, he looks to make at least $10 million thanks to the film’s success. Even more so if the film reaches $800 million in the global box office (it probably will). None of the other actors had such deals in place, but honestly, the film would live or die by Reynolds’ performance, so this makes sense. Also, the dude has been a one man marketing machine. R-Squared earned this one.

Director Tim Miller also stands to make quite a bit of dough due to the box office success of the film. Despite being labeled “An Overpaid Tool” in the opening credits, Miller made the relatively small amount of $150,000, which is fairly standard for a first-time director. However, Miller stands to pocket some box office bonuses, especially considering the film’s $58 million price tag, which they’ve made back in spades. Deadpool‘s financial success also allows him to raise his directing fee to around $500,000, which Fox will surely keep in mind if they bring him aboard for Deadpool 2. Writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick also likely received “goodwill bonuses,” so chimichangas all around.

(Via THR)

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