Josh Duhamel Becomes Baseball’s Biggest Stoner In The Trailer For ‘Spaceman’

Sports in the 1970s were different, man, and no figure is more emblematic of that difference than Bill “Spaceman” Lee. If you think Bryce Harper ruffles feathers now, some of the stuff Lee said in his career would make any sportswriter blush. And of course, there was his notorious reputation as a user of all sorts of drugs, most notably marijuana. Now, a movie telling the story of Lee’s many trials and tribulations — his antics, predictably, didn’t always endear him to his superiors — is on its way, starring Josh Duhamel.

In addition to his playing career in the majors, Lee has had a second career in this decade pitching in independent leagues at his advanced age. (Hey, it’s good to be a lefty.) Based on the looks of the trailer, we can expect to see some of that barnstorming era as well in the film. Oh, and if you thought we were going to see a modern, nuanced take on marijuana, you may not want to get your hopes up on this one, based on Duhamel’s last line in the trailer: *in horrible Jamaican voice while dancing weirdly* “Ganja resin straight from the fields of Kingston, mon!”

Pardon me while I facepalm. But oh hey, Ernie Hudson shows up! We’re back on board.