Watch A Mockumentary Teaser For Bill Murray’s New Movie ‘Rock The Kasbah’

Hey, guys! Bill Murray did a thing, and because you are a person on the internet, we know you want to know about it. Murray has a movie coming out soon called Rock the Kasbah, where he plays a washed-up music manager who finds himself stranded in Afghanistan, at which point he finds a talented young girl whom he takes under his wing. Maybe it will be good. That premise sounds a little shaky, but the charisma of Murray can carry a lot of weight. However, even though Rock the Kasbah isn’t out yet, you can gauge what you are into, and get a Bill Murray fix, thanks to a mockumentary that has been released.

The short little film, it only runs about three minutes, is entitled Richie Lanz: The Man and the Music, and gives us a little background into the career of Murray’s Lanz character. It’s sort of what you’d expect from something like this, a lot of silly jokes about things Lanz has done in the music industry. He was a big cheese who convinced Slash to wear a top hat and who saved Woodstock. Then, of course, the downfall came.

There are cameos from the likes of Willie Nelson, Jenny Lewis, and Stevie Van Zandt. There are also plenty of clips from the actual movie, too, which also stars Zooey Deschanel and Bruce Willis, amongst others. If you are on the fence about seeing Rock the Kasbah, three minutes isn’t a lot time to take to get a bit of what they are going for. If nothing else, you can watch a little Bill Murray. The man almost single-handedly salvaged Space Jam. He can do anything.

(Via Rolling Stone)