Will Ferrell And Kristen Wiig’s Lifetime Movie Is Apparently Back On According To This Billboard

Rebecca Ford snapped the billboard above and it seemingly confirms that Will Ferrell is full of it regarding his Lifetime movie with Kristen Wiig. A Deadly Adoption is apparently uncanceled and will premiere on the network on June 20th according to this billboard.

Plans for the film were supposed to have been scrapped following several outlets reporting on its existence on April Fool’s Day (har har har), but The Hollywood Reporter reports that nothing was ever confirmed:

Ferrell’s plan was to keep the movie secret, so a day after THR’s report, multiple outlets inaccurately reported that Lifetime had pulled the movie because Ferrell issued a statement to Entertainment Weekly saying that he and Wiig were “deeply disappointed” that the “top secret” project had leaked to the press and had opted instead to “forego the project entirely.”

The duo stars in the dramatic thriller as a successful couple who house and care for a pregnant woman (played by 90210 alum Jessica Lowndes) in the hopes of adopting her unborn child — then things quickly go awry. The movie is described as a campy, fun, contemporary wink at the genre, and it comes comes as Lifetime is poised to mark the 25th anniversary of its TV movie business.

It’s easy to grasp what Ferrell and company were going for in keeping the project a secret. Imagine the speculation around seeing that billboard and any other promotional material that might slip out before its before premiere later in June. People would be writing think pieces questioning reality and wondering if this is still part of the gag.

Hell, I’m doing that myself right now. This billboard could just be an elaborate hoax or tease at what might’ve been, baiting the hook to show the media what they ruined for everybody else. It’s possible, right?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)