Billie Eilish’s Puzzled Reaction Face To Maya Rudolph And Kristen Wiig’s Oscar Presentation Set A Mood

At Sunday night’s Oscars ceremony, the lack of a host didn’t matter much (or at all) since a lot of wonderful presenters were on hand. In fact, a strong lead-in from Steve Martin and Chris Rock led to Keanu Reeves and Diane Keaton being whoa-tastic. Then Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig took the audience in the palm of their hands with an offbeat and (possibly too) quirky presentation that was slightly passive aggressive (but very funny) while introducing Production Design and Costume Design categories.

Naturally, they joined Natalie Portman in roasting the Academy for its lack of female representation in the Best Director nominee pool. Then things got super weird and sort-of musical and honestly, a little confusing. It was still a pretty effective comedic turn from the two SNL alums (with a little bit of everything), but Grammy VIP Billie Eilish’s puzzled face said a lot. Some might say that it even set a mood.

Well, not everyone felt that way. A lot of people actually enjoyed Kristen and Maya’s turn on the stage! Maybe they should even host next year. They couldn’t possibly pull a Kevin Hart on everyone.

You can judge for yourself on how Rudolph and Wiig did onstage by watching their two introductory segments below. Fine work, ladies.