Watch Bindi Irwin Nail The ‘Dirty Dancing’ Final Dance Sequence On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

As you are probably aware, Bindi Irwin is currently competing on season 21 of Dancing with the Stars, where she has so far survived through five rounds of elimination. And after watching her performance on Monday night’s episode, it’s easy to see why. Irwin and her partner Derek Hough brought the house down — receiving perfect 10 scores from all three judges — by recreating the iconic final dance scene originally performed by Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing.

Not only is Irwin a flawless dancer, but she even managed to nail the famous lift at the end of the routine; a feat that required not only a lot of practice, but the avoidance of a wardrobe malfunction. Hough revealed to E! News after the performance that he had wardrobe sew Bindi’s dress to her underwear right before they went out on stage. Remember, she is only 17, you guys.

After watching this performance, I have no idea how my new hero Bindi Irwin is not going to take home the trophy (or whatever it is they give to Dancing with the Stars winners) this season. What kind of monster would not vote for the adorable teenage daughter of the Crocodile Hunter? Just go home now, Aaron Carter.