Birds Of Prey, DC’s Premiere Superheroine Team, May Be Getting A Movie

The Birds of Prey are probably one of the most beloved super-heroine teams out there; essentially, all of DC’s female martial artists team up to beat the crap out of people. It was so popular, the original book had a decade-long run and the only reason it isn’t back is that the two core members have popular solo books. But that may be due to change, as DC is looking to bring Black Canary and Birds of Prey to the big screen.

This is according to Latino Review, so season accordingly, but the claim is that Black Canary will turn up in one of the two Justice League movies. If she’s popular enough with fans, she’ll be spun off into a Birds of Prey movie. One suspects that how Suicide Squad does in theaters might have an impact on this, but DC seems to like “team” movies, so that’s a factor. How Wonder Woman does at the box office might also play a role

Currently, the casting rumors peg Alona Tal, who’s done extensive work on TV, and Abbey Lee, who’s mostly known for being one of Immortan Joe’s wives in Mad Max: Fury Road.  The other key member, Barbara Gordon, is supposedly being played by Jena Malone. What comes of all this is an open question, but it’s good to see DC is branching out. Now when do we get our Lobo movie?

(Via Latino Review)