‘Black Panther’ Unveils Its First Poster And There’s A Trailer Coming Tonight

Ever since Black Panther’s awesome debut in Captain America: Civil War, fans have been waiting to see what the Ryan Coogler-directed solo adventure starring T’Challa would look like. Now, Marvel’s finally dropping a few hints, the first in the form of the movie’s first poster.

Marvel debuted the poster with a new tweet, as well as revealing that the first trailer will drop tonight, during Game 4 of the NBA Championships (on a Disney-owned channel, natch, specifically ABC):

The poster itself doesn’t give away all that much. Aside from the fact that Panther is sitting on his throne and a few examples of Wakanda’s language written here and there, it doesn’t offer any hint of what we might see, especially from the movie’s absurdly stacked cast. Still, that’s to be expected; the movie is arriving in February, and Coogler (best known as the director of Creed) is likely hard at work on creating an entire advanced nation from scratch.

The one odd touch, here, is that the trailer didn’t premiere in front of last week’s big superhero movie (and almost certainly this weekend’s repeat box office winner) Wonder Woman. But we suppose watching the Cavs get blown out in the playoffs will draw an equally large audience.

(via Twitter)