Blake Jenner, Will Brittain, & Tyler Hoechlin From ‘Everybody Wants Some!!’ On Developing Chemistry

03.31.16 3 years ago

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The first thing anyone will notice about Richard Linklater’s Everybody Wants Some!! is…let’s call them The Guys. Specifically the chemistry between The Guys. From the first minutes of Linklater’s new party film, you can tell that the natural rapport between the actors is as genuine as they come. The various relationship dynamics and minor interpersonal conflicts feel natural instead of contrived, and it’s easy to surmise the film’s endless groove rests on the shoulders of these young actors.

Uproxx spoke to three of the stars of Everybody Wants Some!!: Blake Jenner, who plays main character Jake; Will Brittain, who plays Billy Autrey, the one ballplayer in a committed long-distance relationship; and Tyler Hoechlin, who plays the gruff, tough-minded hitter Glen McReynolds. Playful and loose, the three stars spoke positively about working with Linklater, the collaborative atmosphere of the set, the thin line between athlete and actor, and much more.

One of the most immediate things that comes through in the movie is the chemistry between all of the guys. I was wondering how that was cultivated on the set? Was Linklater involved in bringing you guys together or was a more of a natural thing?

Blake Jenner: [Linklater] was the reason why we all got so close. We could have easily been living at separate spots as people do on shoots, but he had us live with him on his farm, and we got to spend a lot of late nights with each other, running through the script, both with him and then just by ourselves, kinda poking fun at certain characters, trying to see what sticks, going off the page with him, getting the greatest hits, incorporating those into the script, but living together I think was…we did baseball, we did the dance rehearsals, and we could have done all of that individually, but I think the main reason why the brotherhood reads so well was because we got to live together. We lived what we do in the movie. We’re not faking any of that.

Will Brittain: Straight up. We slept in bunks right next to each other, and fucked with each other while…sorry.


No, no, swear all you want.

Brittain: Cut that out. Messed with each other while we were sleeping. You know, uh, dammit…

[More laughter]

Brittain: Move on…

Tyler Hoechlin: No, that was Rick’s doing completely, setting that tone and having us out there ahead of time. I think that was the most invaluable thing in the whole process. There were a lot of great things just kind of, you know, discovering each other’s personalities as we are, but then also seeing each other as those characters for that much time during the rehearsal process. You know, inside jokes we kinda form, things like that, so it really took everything to a new level. You know characters that didn’t actually really in the original script interact as much, we would actually see those kind of personalities together are actually kinda funny, and we would kind of jump off of that and play with that a little bit more.

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