‘Blue Crush’ Is Ready To Surf Its Way Back Into Your Heart On A Wave Of ’00s Nostalgia

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Blue Crush enthusiasts may no longer have to rely on black market fan-fiction to keep their ’00s surf saga rolling on. NBC is hoping you’re salivating over such a prospect.

According to a report from Deadline, the 2002 surf film starring Kate Bosworth and Michelle Rodriguez is being adapted to television. NBC is said to have given the series a script commitment and the program will also feature the film’s co-writer Lizzy Weiss writing and executive producing. Weiss comes with a television pedigree too. She created the Freeform series Switched at Birth and folks have nice things to say about that show.

Details on what the small screen version of Blue Crush will bring to the table appear to be in short supply. Presumably the surfing and strong female relationships will stick around. (It’d be a very strange TV update if they chucked the premise and the Hawaii locale to make the show a Milwaukee legal drama starring two wild card tax attorneys.) As for whether or not the would-be series treats the previous two movies (yes, there was a straight-to-video sequel) as canon, that’s something we’re less confident in forecasting. Here’s hoping this adaptation is a little more Fargo and a little less Harry and the Hendersons.

(Via Deadline)

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