The Creator Of ‘Bojack Horseman’ Has Been Tapped To Rewrite ‘The Lego Movie 2’

The Lego Movie 2 has already had its release date pushed back once, and now it looks as if the script is getting a belated punch-up as well. These aren’t necessarily terrible signs for the eventual quality or success of the film – there are loads of stories throughout Hollywood history of public or secret re-writes that elevated the quality of what are now classic films – but it’s yet another bump in the road for a highly-anticipated follow-up to the box office smash The Lego Movie.

Despite the news of a re-write on the script not being incredibly promising, there is a great silver lining. A really great silver lining. The person tasked with adding their own special flavor of humor and pathos is none other than Raphael Bob-Waksberg, creator of Netflix’s cult comedy BoJack Horseman. While the sensibilities of Lego’s universe might not mesh completely with those of BoJack‘s, the latter is hilarious enough that fans shouldn’t be worried about any adverse outcomes after Bob-Waksberg lends a helping hand.

Moreover, the sensitivity of both projects is a huge part of what makes them successful and is the more important part of things to get perfectly right. Without the proper balance of hilarity and emotion many pieces of these stories wouldn’t land like they do. If anybody can mirror Chris Lord and Phil Miller’s skill in this area than it is certainly Bob-Waksberg.

(via The AV Club)