The ‘Booster Gold’ Movie Won’t Be Part Of The DC Extended Universe. Yet.

DC has a truly absurd number of movies in the works at the moment. In addition to the already-announced schedule through 2020, which includes two movies they have release dates for but haven’t bothered to tell us what they’ll be just yet, they’ve got a Batman solo movie, a Harley Quinn movie spun off of Suicide Squad, a Man of Steel sequel and, of course, Booster Gold. That said, people have wondered just how a goofy, cash-hungry time traveling ass like Booster would fit in with the more serious goings-on of the DC Extended Universe, and the answer appears to be: “He won’t.”

Booster, for those unfamiliar, is a disgraced athlete from the future who travels back to our time, after stealing a bunch of technology, in order to become a superhero. Not least because he sees a lot of potential for endorsements and the ability to be famous. His screen adaptation is courtesy of Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg, the masterminds behind DC overtaking almost every night on the CW, and apparently came out of a would-be TV series that never got picked up. So, DC’s chief creative officer, Geoff Johns, asked them to consider turning it into a movie.

At the moment, though, Booster’s hijinks are separate from the rest of DC’s movies, according to Berlanti’s interview with Vulture. Berlanti claims there’s no “connective tissue” between his movie and the rest of the DCEU, but that does seem like the kind of thing that could easily change. Really, Suicide Squad has barely any connection to Batman V. Superman or Man of Steel, aside from passing mentions in dialogue and a cameo or two. It seems questionable to make too much hash out of this, as some nerd blogs are doing. And it might be preferable that DC’s shared universe is less an overarching story and rather a bunch of stories happening in parallel that lightly touch each other, in the end. We’ll find out if and when Booster comes to screens.

(Via Vulture)