These Brands Got In The Spirit For ‘Star Wars’ Day

05.04.16 3 years ago


Star Wars Day is here and there’s no denying that this year’s holiday (Unfortunately it’s not a national holiday yet) is bigger than ever. Everyone from our new favorite lightsaber wielding heroine to Major League Baseball players have celebrated in some way, but if you looked at any of your social media accounts today, you can easily see that the Force is really strong with your favorite brands.

Pornhub has gotten in on the holiday with an adorable R2-D2 attached to their logo, who, in all fairness, would be my choice if you asked me which droid watches porn on a regular basis. R2 probably does it when C-3PO isn’t around. BB-8 seems cool enough if he caught R2, but you know C-3PO would short circuit if he saw some droid-on-droid action.

The folks over at World of Warcraft apparently wanted a bunch of their fans to collectively slam their Twitter account with massive amounts of nerd rage.

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