Brett Ratner Was Reportedly Cited For Harassment At New Line Cinema Back In 2005

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According to a new report, Brett Ratner was the subject of a sexual harassment complaint filed with New Line back in 2005. The report arrives not too far removed from Ellen Page’s account of homophobic, sexist and derogatory behavior on the set of 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand.

Variety reports that they’ve spoken with former New Line employees that claim Ratner’s actions led to complaints provided to the human resources department. Terri Goddard, who worked as an assistant at New Line, said Ratner had a reputation for ogling assistants, making them uncomfortable and creating an unpleasant enough work environment that led to several employees expressing their concerns with HR. She also notes that Ratner’s behavior changed after the complaints were brought forward.

“It’s humiliating to be objectified when you’re trying to do your work,” Goddard told Variety. “People were just appalled.”

Goddard says she made the decision to come forward with her experience to dispel the idea that no one knew about Ratner’s alleged behavior. Warner Bros., the parent company of New Line, issued a statement claiming they have come across “no evidence of any claim filed in this matter.”

Ratner’s attorney Andrew Brettler denies that his client was confronted about his conduct.

“Brett wasn’t aware of any report being filed against him by anyone at New Line,” said Brettler. “No one came to Brett to tell him he needed to curb his behavior.”

Earlier this month, the Los Angeles Times released a report with Ratner accused of sexual harassment and misconduct by six women.

(Via Variety)