Watch Debbie Reynolds And Carrie Fisher Trade Quips In The ‘Bright Lights’ Trailer

Last week, both Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds passed away. Both left behind an enormous body of work, including the now-bittersweet documentary Bright Lights, a film about their history and relationship. And a new trailer for the documentary, premiering this Saturday, brings that out in particular.

The documentary is framed around Fisher presenting her mother with the 2015 Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award, and follows their relationship over the years, as Fisher discusses confronting her depression and Reynolds talks about the pressure of Hollywood and the nature of being Hollywood royalty, among other things. Reynolds and her husband Eddie Fisher, after all, were major stars, and any kid can find that difficult, let alone one dealing with mental illness like Fisher at a time when nobody understood what depression even was.

It also happens to feature Fisher and Reynolds showing off some impeccable comic timing: Some of the best moments in the trailer are ad-libs where Reynolds sets her daughter up with a one-liner and Fisher knocks it out of the park. It’s a heartwarming reminder of how great the two of them were, together or apart, and we can’t wait to see the whole thing on HBO, January 7th.

(via YouTube)