‘Bright’ Gets Some Backstory In A New Video From Netflix

Since its Netflix release, David Ayer’s Bright has been a contentious film. It was savaged by critics and allegations of sexual assault have arisen against screenwriter Max Landis. Add in a muddled message of race relations and Bright has certainly managed to get people talking. Despite the bad reviews, 11 million people watched the film within its first three days of release.

Part of the complaints made about Bright was that the origin of the film’s world of magic was a little unclear, with mythical creatures like orcs, goblins, and fairies working side by side with humans in the real world. In order to clear up some of the questions that viewers and critics have raised, Netflix released a new video offering some context to the worldbuilding.

In “History Of Magic,” it is revealed that magic has been around since 2900 BC in the world of Bright, with many forces trying to gain control of its power. The tides changed when the orc Jirak seized control of a wand, thus brandishing the magic that so many needed to stand up to the forces of darkness.

With Bright‘s commercial success, there is a sequel on the way, so you may want to start brushing up on your lore.