Will Smith Teams Up With An Orc Cop In Netflix’s ‘Bright’ Teaser Trailer

The only films to win multiple awards during the 89th Academy Awards were La La Land, Moonlight, Hacksaw Ridge, and Manchester By the Sea. These are all fine movies, but did any of them feature a scene where Will Smith, playing an LAPD officer, holds a rusty sword to fight mythical creatures? I think not.

During the Oscars, Netflix released the first teaser trailer for Bright, David Ayer’s follow-up to the Academy Award-winning Suicide Squad (that will never not sound weird). The film, which is set in a world where men and monsters co-exist, follows a human cop (Smith) who works with an Orc cop (Joel Edgerton) to protect a magical wand. Also along for the ride are Noomi Rapace, Ike Barinholtz, and Lucy Fry as an elf named Tikka. Bright is Netflix’s most expensive foray into blockbusters; the streaming service reportedly paid $90 million for the movie, including $3 million for Max Landis’ script.

“Every time someone tries to add reality to some fantastical elements, it’s always some kind of PG-13 kind of movie,” Ayer explained, when asked why he brought Bright to Netflix. “This thing’s gonna be hard-R, it’s gonna be very realistic, psychologically realistic, which I think lets us push the fantastical elements even more. It’s gonna be grounded and real and I think it’s gonna straddle a lot of genres. It’s gonna be one for the books.”

This time, he and Smith won’t have to worry about used condoms.

(Via Collider)