Bruce Campbell Thinks That Martin Scorsese’s Marvel Movies Argument Is ‘Full Of Crap’ For A Unique Reason

Despite Martin Scorsese’s well-written and argued New York Times opinion column, the director of Netflix’s The Irishman just can’t seem to shake the constant back-and-forth his initial comments about the Marvel Cinematic Universe have stirred. Countless filmmakers and industry veterans have defended and criticized Scorsese for equating the Marvel movies to “theme parks” and declaring them to be “not cinema,” and all these weeks later, they’re all still at it. Others are joining in the fray too, like actor Bruce Campbell, who starred in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films.

Campbell, who made a name for himself with Raimi’s Evil Dead films and the recent Ash vs Evil Dead television series, evidently doesn’t think too highly of Scorsese’s arguments. Instead of appealing to different forms of cinematic greatness, though, the actor went on the offense and assailed what he considered to be the director’s hypocrisy, on account of The Irishman‘s reliance on digital effects. According to Comic Book:

“[Scorsese] was ragging on Marvel movies, right? Martin Scorsese is one of our greatest filmmakers, so when he says stuff like that, it hurts,” Campbell said at horror-centric convention Spooky Empire. “Because it’s not like movies like that are easy to make, and it’s not like The Irishman doesn’t have digital effects out the ass.”

The Irishman has “more digital effects than any Marvel movie, I can tell you right now,” Campbell continued. “To get Robert De Niro to go from nine to 108, that’s a lot of work, that’s a lot of digital work. So he’s kind of full of crap in that respect.”

Seeing as how Avengers: Endgame alone had around 200 aging and de-aging special effects shots, Campbell’s assertion about The Irishman here most likely isn’t true. Even so, the veracity of his complaints about Scorsese’s comments doesn’t necessarily undermine it — especially since, as the actor put it, “all movies are bullsh*t”:

“Every movie is just as fake as the other one. Nothing is real,” he said. “Guess what? You’re doing a real story about Erin Brockovich, that’s not even what Erin Brockovich looks like! It’s not a real story, even though they say it’s a real story, so nobody gets to play, ‘I am a filmmaker, you make silly Marvel movies!’ No, they’re all bullsh*t. Every single bit of every movie is bullsh*t. Good bullsh*t, lousy bullsh*t, boring bullsh*t, they’re all as fake as you can get.”

So, that’s where Campbell stands on the great Scorsese-Marvel debate.

(Via Comic Book)