Bruce Willis Showed Off His Impressive Donald Trump Hairdos For Jimmy Fallon

10.17.15 4 years ago

Donald Trump is famous for his hair helmet. Bruce Willis is famous for having no hair. So naturally The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon stumbled upon comedy gold by having Bruce Willis wear a Trump-like wig.

“I don’t want to embarrass you or anything,” Fallon says at the beginning of the interview. “What’s going on with the hair?”

“It suddenly has just seemed to just grow exponentially,” Willis explains. “I was a blonde when I was a kid.” Willis then goes onto joke (with a straight face), that his hair just grows out like that, very quickly, just like the silver goatee that he had apparently shaved that morning.

Fallon then discovers that Willis has had Donald Trump hair in many of his major movies (Armageddon, Die Hard and even as the baby in Look Who’s Talking?), but such is the power of his acting that nobody has ever noticed. Of his hair in the Pulp Fiction motorcycle scene that day: “A lot of wind that day.”

Lest you think The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon photoshopped any of those photos, they also play the “I see dead people” scene from The Sixth Sense showing Willis’s Trump hair standing up on its ends after Haley Joel Osment makes his revelation. Irrefutable proof that Bruce Willis has Donald Trump hair IRL.

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