Bruce Willis Wants You To Have ‘A Little Fun’ With Robots In The Trailer For ‘Vice’

Bruce Willis’ star has dimmed a little over the last few years, but when you compare him to his mid-80s and 90s contemporaries, he’s Sirius in a black sky full of burnouts. Because of this cockroach-like tenacity, I give Willis a pass when he co-stars in a film with 50 Cent (three times) and I give it a look when he has a new film coming out. Especially when it’s sci-fi, where Willis has excelled before with The Fifth Element, Looper, and Unbreakable.

His new film, Vice, isn’t likely going to be as well-regarded those three films, but it seems interesting.

Essentially, Vice looks like a collage that mixes elements from Westworld, The Purge, Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse, and I, Robot to show us a vision of a fake Utopia in a luxurious resort that allows people to trot out their most despicable fantasies on droids that are programmed to forget everything after 24 hours — until that stops being the case.

Ambyr Childers plays the pleasure droid who starts to retain memories from her torturous life. Thomas Jane plays a cop who is clearly on the side of good (just like in Scott Pilgrim), and Willis plays the bad guy who has an interest in putting down Childers’ character before word can spread that an artificial is on the loose. It also seems like Childers’ character gets upgraded into an ass-kicking warrior at some point.

Vice hits theaters and VOD on January 16th, which is — as you know — primetime for prospective blockbusters.

Via The Playlist