C-3PO Thinks ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Is The Best ‘Star Wars’ Ever Made

Anthony Daniels, better known to us all as C-3PO, has never been noted for his shy and retiring nature. That said, some big claims are hard to resist, like, for example, his statement that Star Wars: Episode VII is the apex of the franchise.

Specifically, Daniels said it’s better than what’s almost universally agreed to be the best Star Wars movie out of the six:

That’s… something of a bold claim. The Empire Strikes Back is beloved by both critics and audiences alike. Even people who dislike the entire franchise still begrudgingly admit it’s a movie that makes some unexpected choices and had a surprising cultural impact, ranging from changing to how Hollywood catered to audiences to, uh, inspiring somewhat disturbing memes.

So basically Daniels is insisting this isn’t just going to be a popular movie, but essentially a straight-up cultural event. Either that or he doesn’t understand just how much some people love Star Wars.