Wolverine’s Past Comes Into Focus Thanks To Canada’s Incredible April Fool’s Day Prank

Entertainment Writer

Most of the humor on April Fool’s Day was in the annoying variety, especially for those folks who use Gmail to do business. Every person being pranked is partially at fault for said prank, but there are also clever little ideas that come out where nobody is hurt and plenty of fun is had. Take Canada’s sly joke from their Library and Archives, claiming to have dug up the war records for one James “Logan” Howlett.

That’s right, Canada released their records on legendary X-man Wolverine. If anybody was hurt by this prank, they were likely fictional to begin with:

Logan was born in 1882 in Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada, to wealthy landowner Elizabeth Howlett and her grounds-keeper Thomas Logan.

Logan’s journals provide valuable insight into his early life in Canada, including work as a miner in a British Columbia stone quarry, a fur trader for the Hudson’s Bay Company, and a homesteader in the Canadian Rockies. His military career spanned multiple conflicts, making his personnel records an unprecedented study in Canadian military history. Logan was gravely wounded in action many times, and gained a reputation as a gritty survivor.

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