‘Captain America: Civil War’ Test Audiences Are Already Buzzing About What They Loved

If Marvel buying a hefty chunk of Super Bowl ad time for Captain America: Civil War didn’t make it clear, the company is very confident in their finished (well, mostly finished) product. It probably helps that the debut trailer for the movie broke records by garnering 61 million views in the first 24 hours. Marvel can gain confidence from that, and from new reports that test audiences being shown a nearly-finished cut of the film were loving it.

According to Birth Movies Death, people who’ve seen the film are saying a lot of positive things about it, and there’s some consensus to what they liked and what they revealed. They say the film is a definite sequel to The Winter Soldier rather than to Age of Ultron, which is to be expected considering how much Marvel head Kevin Feige stressed Civil War is “the completion of a Captain America trilogy.”

Birth Movies Death also reveals (among other things) that “Black Panther is phenomenal” — no surprise there — and that the devastation caused by Ultron in Sokovia hasn’t been forgotten.

I’ve been told that the last half hour of the film is brutal, both physically and emotionally. One person told me that the last act plays out as an emotional horror movie because the film gives both Tony and Steve solid reasoning, and because it truly makes you feel the depths of this schism.

The film reportedly continues an arc from the trilogy by focusing quite a bit on the complicated relationship between Steve Rogers (Captain America) and Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier), so we can definitely expect to see Bucky and Tony Stark face off in that last half hour, assuming Bucky survives that far. We’ve already seen Steve and Bucky double team Tony in the first trailer, and Bucky tried to straight up shoot Tony in the face in this GIF. Has one of your friends ever tried to shoot one of your other friends? Awkward. But we’re sure Steve can forgive Bucky; he is a patriot, after all.

(Via Birth Movies Death and Brain Confetti)

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