This New ‘Civil War’ Concept Art Allegedly Confirms Who Is Fighting Who In The Marvel Universe

Possible spoilers for Captain America: Civil War follow below, so don’t read if you want to enter the film fresh.

A few weeks back, we reported on a rumor that involved the possible factions that form to battle within Captain America: Civil War. We got a peek at some of the stuff at the D23 Expo, but now we might have some official confirmation thanks to the amazing-looking concept art for the film. The fine Mr. Sunday Movies over at Comic Book Movie landed the exclusive and it seems to be legit, with Jeremy Renner even retweeting the images and focusing in on his new costume and tiny friend on his shoulder.

Anyway, the real revelations come from the images below, showing each member lining up alongside each other and a final that has them all doing battle. Renner already confirmed his spot, so that’s no surprise. It’s when comparing them with the rumors from before that you notice there are some obvious confirmations and a few surprises:

The noteworthy surprise is the lack of Scarlet Witch in the lineup. She was rumored to be on Captain America’s side in the major fighting, but seems to be absent. Replacing her is Agent 13 Sharon Carter. Also absent from the Iron Man side is the rumored Spider-Man, giving more credence to the idea that he is limited to a cameo in the film. What it also brings into question is where Black Panther is in this fight and is he the character who fell into Spider-Man’s role from the original storyline?

What should be questioned is when this concept art was created, and how long before the casting of Spider-Man was it? There’s been plenty of wishful thinking for the character’s introduction in this film, but all of the official word shows him being limited to a cameo. It would seem odd for Marvel to just leave their most popular character on the sideline, but you can put aside the entire film to shoehorn in just one character (even if it is Spider-Man).

So what do you think? If anything, the art is spot on. You can’t knock the Marvel folks for their concept work.

(Via Comic Book Movie / Marvel)