‘Captain America: Civil War’ Casting Call Reveals Daniel Bruhl’s Character And More



Last year when we heard Daniel Brul (Inglourious Basterds, Rush) was cast in Captain America: Civil War, we heard he was not the main villain but might be the main bad guy in Doctor Strange. We speculated that rumor might be confusing Baron Zemo from Captain America with Baron Mordo, the rumored main villain in Doctor Strange. We also heard the main villain of Civil War would be Crossbones, a role reprised by Frank Grillo.

Now a Captain America: Civil War casting call posted by Movie Casting Call (via CBM) has revealed Bruhl’s character and confirmed Grillo’s involvement, as well as revealing the movie starts shooting in Atlanta, Georgia, this April 4th and runs through August 8th.

The casting call casually drops the villain reveal by saying “Daniel Brühl has joined the cast as Baron Zemo.” The character is a Nazi scientist who built super weapons, and he’s presumably somehow still alive in the present day. Maybe in the movie version, Zemo’s invention Adhesive X will be an anti-aging product instead of the world’s greatest crazy glue (also the world’s most literal crazy glue, in that it actually drove him crazy).

The casting call unfortunately didn’t give us any new insight into why they fight.