How ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Should Have Ended

The video above contains spoilers for Captain America: Civil War.

How It Should Have Ended returns with another alternate version of a blockbuster movie, and this time Captain America: Civil War is getting the send up just like Captain America: The Winter Soldier did a couple of summers ago. They once again point out how easily things could have resolved themselves (especially with the fricken Vision right there) and point out how many characters probably could have died.

The fake gravestone epitaphs may have been the best part (besides the Ant-Man joke at the end). Steve Rogers had an especially honest epitaph: “Threw a mighty shield. When his girlfriend died, Cap didn’t hesitate to make out with her niece” Whereas Bucky’s was much simpler: “He just wanted some plums.” Then there’s Rhodey, who somehow survived that fall: “Here Lies James Rhodes — Fell 15,000 feet in a metal suit going 400 mph.”

To be fair, he was going much faster than 400 mph. Still makes more sense than Terrence Howard’s math theories, though…

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(Via How It Should Have Ended)