The ‘Captain America: Civil War’ International Trailer Teases Us With New Footage

03.24.16 2 years ago 2 Comments

Captain America: Civil War won’t be making butts fall asleep until May 6, but they recently dropped the final trailer, which we broke down, combed for Easter eggs, and even pointed out what appeared to be a huge spoiler that made it through editing. Now the international version of that final trailer has arrived, which we quickly pounced on hoping to find some new footage. Good news and bad news: There is new footage, but it’s only one scene, and it’s Hawkeye related (*sad trombone*).

The only new footage in this trailer seems to be at 1:30 into the video, when Black Widow and Hawkeye confront each other during that airport standoff, and she asks that guy with the arrows who named his son “Nathaniel” after her if they’re still friends:

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