Here’s ‘Captain America: Civil War’ As A Ken Burns Documentary

Captain America: Civil War is looking like it’s going to be an exciting movie, but what if its events had been explained to us by Ken Burns in a dry, five-part PBS documentary filled with static imagery and voiceover re-enactments of letters and emails? Oh, goody.

That’s the premise from Patrick Willems, the guy behind Werner Herzog’s Ant-Man, Wes Anderson’s X-Men, Ingmar Bergman’s The Flash, Tommy Wiseau’s Batman, a “Fake Geek Girls” slasher movie trailer, an action flick Doctor Who, and White Luke Cage. This newest parody was co-written with Michael Curran, Matt Torpey, and Jacob Torpey, and Chad Ruhle stepped in to do the narration.

If anything, this Ken Burns documentary may still be too exciting for PBS. Truly, “the war would forever change those who lived through it, except those who turned out to be Skrulls, or those who later had their actions undone by Mephisto.”

(Via Patrick Willems)