Does ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Share A Cast Member With ‘Luke Cage?’

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04.06.16 3 Comments

To this point, Marvel’s Netflix series and movie franchises are within nodding distance of each other, and that’s all. Aside from the occasional joke about the Avengers or side reference to events happening elsewhere, the two don’t cross over. This may be about to change, though, and in a major way.

Marvel has accidentally let it slip that Alfre Woodard is a cast member in Captain America: Civil War. Woodard, of course, has a major role in Luke Cage as New York City politician Mariah Dillard, one of Cage’s foes. But there’s some debate over whether she’s playing the same character:, which broke the story, thinks she is, while ScreenCrush believes she’s playing a different character who guilts Tony Stark into supporting the Sokovia Accords. Complicating matters is that Woodard would have been cast in Civil War before she got the role in Luke Cage, due to the logistics of the two.

The obvious answer, of course, is that both are right. After all, Daredevil‘s entire plot hinges on the rebuilding of New York after the Chitauri trashed it, and it’s really the only Marvel property to acknowledge that, yeah, that invasion killed a whole bunch of people. And considering Captain America: Civil War is about the responsibility that comes with power, it would make sense that New York would come back to bite the Avengers. We’ll see soon enough, of course: Captain America: Civil War arrives May 6.

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