Robert Downey, Jr. Told Mark Ruffalo He’ll Be In ‘Captain America: Civil War’

Rumors of Mark Ruffalo appearing as the Hulk in Captain America: Civil War have been swirling since last month, then really took off with some spoilery rumors earlier this month. Two different interviewers have now asked Ruffalo if he’s in Captain America: Civil War, with similar results.

First, Ruffalo told the Daily Beast that he hasn’t seen a script, but he’d heard something from Robert Downey, Jr. “I was talking to Robert Downey the other day, and he said, ‘Ruffalo! I heard you’re coming out here,’ and I said, ‘Okay! I’ll be there.'”

That could just mean Downey heard the same rumors we all did, instead of hearing anything official on set. But in a later interview with HitFix, Ruffalo seemed even more optimistic.

“If Robert Downey, Jr. says I’m in Captain America, I’m in Captain America, dammit. And I will wait for the day that my call sheet shows up at my doorstep or my script. At this point, I’m told that I’m in it by Robert, which I’ll take as biblical, but I just haven’t heard or seen from production yet.””

It’s almost like he’s psyching himself into believing they’ll call soon instead of making him a sad Hulk.

(Via HitFix and the Daily Beast)