The ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Super Bowl Trailer Is Here!

We already knew Coke and Marvel were planning something big for a Super Bowl commercial, but we weren’t sure exactly what to expect. (And this probably won’t be the first or last time coke and Marvel go together, just a different coke usually. SO PRODUCTIVE.) Now we know what they were planning, as a Super Bowl spot for Captain America: Civil War just aired on CBS.

“You picked the wrong side,” Iron Man informs Captain America, and Marvel also just released a couple of one sheets with the respective sides (except Spider-Man) staring each other down at a German airport as a reminder of who’s fighting whom:

This confirms what was already pretty much known: Black Panther is siding with Iron Man. We’re still not 100% certain whose side Spider-Man will take, although we’re betting he doesn’t want his identity known.

But perhaps the best part of this ad is that badass scene hearkening back to the suitcase armor of Iron Man 2, when Tony pulls out something Screen Rant points out may be “an adaptation of the Model 38 Bleeding Edge Armor rumored for the film which in the comics is housed within Stark until mentally commanded.” More importantly than what it’s called or what it references, LOOK HOW AWESOME THAT IS.

We want one!

(Via Kotaku and Screen Rant)

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