The ‘Captain Marvel’ Sequel Is Officially A Go And It Will Reportedly Be Set In The Present Day

Some news is surprising, but this tidbit is not: As per The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel has officially greenlit a sequel to Captain Marvel, one of the top grossing films of the most money-gobbling franchise in modern movies. The news comes just under a year after the film, the first in the MCU to revolve chiefly around a female superhero, banked over a billion in international grosses and, perhaps more importantly, featured one of cinema’s better cats.

What took them so long? It likely has to do with the secrecy surrounding the franchise in the wake of the game-changing, Phase 4-starting Avengers: Endgame, which saw some major characters perish while setting the stage for new ones, such as Shang-Chi and the ensemble team of The Eternals, to emerge. Indeed, since Endgame, only a handful of films have been announced starring established Avengers, and one of those — Thor: Love and Thunder — finds the hammer-wielding mantle being partially adopted by erstwhile love interest Jane Foster, aka Natalie Portman.

So this is a foregone conclusion, but there’s one mildly surprising detail to go with it: The second Captain Marvel solo outing will reportedly be set in the present day. So say farewell to the original’s mid-’90s setting, its period alternative radio songs, and the sight of Samuel L. Jackson de-aged to look like he did circa the Kiss of Death remake with David Caruso.

Meanwhile, yes, Brie Larson will return, but directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck may not, though they may stick around in the Marvel-verse in some capacity, perhaps on one of the planned shows. The hunt is currently on for a female director to replace the original’s bi-gendered pair. (Perhaps this will also free them to return to their indie routes, perhaps gifting fans of gritty Ryan Gosling dramas with Half Nelson 2: Full Nelson.) A release date has been set for 2022 but, rare for superhero blockbusters, not a specific date.

(Via THR)