Cara Delevingne May Be Joining The ‘Suicide Squad’

It appears that one way or another Marvel will be putting Doctor Strange casting rumors to rest. So DC nobly decided to step in and start throwing Suicide Squad casting rumors at us. And far be it from us not to add a few more onto the pile.

Latino Review, a site that’s generally a coin flip when it comes to rumors like this, is reporting that Cara Delevingne is being considered for a role in the movie. It’s worth noting that Delevingne won’t be part of the team, according to the rumor, but instead will be a bad guy.

That’s intriguing not least because it pretty much rules out Harley Quinn as Delevingne’s character, and leaves who she might be actually playing a bit open. It’s not like there’s any shortage of evil blondes in the DC universe. As for whether this is a good thing or a bad thing from an artistic standpoint, Delevingne has been in, like, two movies, but she apparently wasn’t bad in either of them. So that’s a point in her favor.

It also means we’ll likely have a Delevingne-on-Margot-Robbie fight at some point in the movie. If the name sounds unfamiliar, this is Margot Robbie:

Of course, knowing Ayer, it won’t be a sexy catfight but a knock-down drag-out asskicking. But really, we’re good either way.