Carla Gugino Says She Lied About Her Age To Get Cast In ‘Troop Beverly Hills’

As you’re probably aware, Carla Gugino got her start as a child actor with roles in everything from Good Morning, Miss Bliss (the precursor to Saved by the Bell) to The Wonder Years. But it was the iconic film Troop Beverly Hills that gave her probably her biggest break as a young actor. As she told James Corden last night on The Late Late Show, there was a reason she was a head taller than the rest of the girls in that film.

Gugino says that Troop Beverly Hills marked two firsts and lasts in her career. It was the only time she’s ever lied about her age and, as a result, the only time she’s ever been the tallest member of a cast, being that she was three years older than the rest of the girls. Thank goodness she did because we can’t imagine a Gugino-less Troop Beverly Hills.