Hollywood’s Trying Another ‘Cat In The Hat’ Movie And You Won’t Be Seeing Mike Myers’ Face In It

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America is ready for another Cat in the Hat movie. Warner Bros. has deemed it so. Who are you to question a mighty studio?

Yes, enough time has passed since 2003’s infamous live-action take on the Dr. Seuss classic that Warner Animation Group has announced they’re doing their adaptation. (Actually, that’s not entirely fair. In 2012, a new Cat in the Hat movie was being planned.) Unlike the Mike Myers film before it, this project will be a purely animated project. The film is expected to be the first in a series of movies from Warner Bros. based on Dr. Seuss properties. Basically, The Cat in the Hat killed off the live-action Seuss movie game in the ’00s and now that same title is giving a new collection of Seuss movies their start.

“For generations, Dr. Seuss has entertained and delighted children and adults alike with his whimsical tales,” said Dr. Seuss Enterprises president Susan Brandt in a joint statement. “Our partnership with Warner Animation Group continues those efforts by reimagining the beloved characters and stories for theater-going audiences, while keeping the integrity of Dr. Seuss’s vision intact.”

The news does not come with a theatrical arrival date attached as the project is still in the development phase. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the search for a writer will begin shortly. There’s also no word on what other titles are being eyed next. Considering public perception of the 2003 version (and its behind-the-scenes drama) it’s probably more important to get the first film right before juggling the whole Seussiverse.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)