Everyone Is Freaking Out Over Celine Dion’s Titanic Sweatshirt

Canadian singer and now Las Vegas mainstay Celine Dion was spotted rocking some seriously ’90s threads this week. While she wasn’t sporting a pair of JNCOs or UFO pants, she did have on an oversized hoodie with an image from the most popular film of the decade that brought us Tickle Me Elmo and the internet. It seems that Celine still has tons of love for Titanic; a movie that came out almost 19-years-ago and not only skyrocketed Leonardo DiCaprio’s career, but Dion’s as well. Dione’s theme song from Titanic, “My Heart Will Go On” is literally etched into everyone’s brain and we can’t get it out no matter how hard we try.

Dion’s hoodie has a black and white image of DiCaprio and Kate Winslet holding onto each other for dear life as the infamous ship sinks into the ocean (we know how that turned out) and has the phrase “Coming Soon” on each sleeve. Although this hoodie looks like it was found in the closet of a junior high school girl from 1998, this is actually a piece of high fashion with a pretty high price tag. The piece is from Vetements  a French fashion brand that specializes in oversized retro ’90s wear. The hoodie was available to purchase for a staggering $885 but has since been sold out after the singer was seen wearing it.

(via Mashable)