Chadwick Boseman And Spike Lee Are Teaming Up For A Netflix Movie About Vietnam War Veterans

02.12.19 3 months ago

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The Oscars are a mess this year, but they do have two solid firsts this year: It’s the first time a comic book movie (namely Black Panther) has been nominated for Best Picture and — much, much, much, much more hard to believe — it’s somehow Spike Lee’s first-ever Best Director nomination. The latter’s most recent “joint” BlacKkKlansman has been a shot-in-the-arm in the career for one of cinema’s finest, giving him opportunities he should have always had. And what’s Lee going to do with his newfound super-fame? He’s making a Netflix movie with T’Challa himself, Chadwick Boseman.

This comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which reveals the director and star will team up for Da 5 Bloods, about Vietnam veterans who go back to the jungles of Southeast Asia to, as the report puts it, “find their lost innocence and put their broken selves back together.” Sounds like a more introspective, less bloody, less problematic Rambo: First Blood Part II!

Da 5 Bloods will also feature Delroy Lindo — a Lee regular who’s played West Indian Archie in Malcolm X, the dad in Crooklyn, and a charismatic drug lord in Clockers — plus French actor Jean Reno (The Professional, Mission: Impossible, etc.). BlacKkKlansman co-scribe Kevin Wilmott is writing the script with Lee.

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