Channing Tatum Allegedly Can’t Find A Director For ‘Gambit’

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Gambit is happening mostly because Channing Tatum wants to make it happen. From day one, he’s been the driving force behind bringing the thieving Cajun to the screen. And, according to rumor, Tatum’s not lacking for ambition… which may be making it impossible to find a director.

Screen Rant has a long discussion of the rumors, but let’s look at the four directors he’s allegedly asked. Namely, Darren Aronofsky, Bennett Miller, J.C. Chandor and Gareth Evans. If you’re a movie nerd at all, you’re noticing a theme here: Tatum keeps asking guys who want to make serious dramas if they’ll direct his superhero action movie. Well, okay, Evans already technically makes superhero action movies; he directed both Raid movies. But still, that’s a list of directors with a lot of fancy awards and nominations being asked to jump on an actor’s passion project.

Tatum has to find a director, and soon: Gambit has an October 2016 release date. So, maybe aim just slightly lower. There are plenty of action directors out there who could use a job.

(Via Screen Rant)