Channing Tatum Gives His Greatest Interview To Autistic Talk Show Host Carly Fleischmann

On Sunday, a 21-year-old author named Carly Fleischmann announced on her brand-new YouTube channel that she was getting into the talk-show game. What sets this young woman apart from the rest of the Internet’s aspiring personalities is that she can’t speak, as she was diagnosed with autism and oral motor apraxia at age 2. Her story has become one of incredible inspiration — shared by Larry King, Ellen DeGeneres, and many others — and so it is no surprise that Fleischmann’s latest endeavor features her interviewing people as the world’s first autistic and nonverbal talk show host.

And her debut guest? Some dude named Channing Tatum.

The actor who we have lovingly come to know as C-Tates is usually the most charming person in anything that he does, but in this case he can’t hold a candle to the woman asking him questions, which are a wonderful mixture of sweet, clever, informative, and hilarious. Normally, a reporter trying to break up an A-lister’s marriage would dominate the headlines, but in this case Jenna Dewan should be nervous at how much Fleischmann managed to make Tatum laugh. (Also, the question about which co-star C-Tates would never allow his daughter to date? Fantastic question, and she shouldn’t have let him off the hook. We know it’s Eddie Redmayne, and we demand he admit it.)

While we don’t know who Fleischmann’s next guest will be, it’s certainly going to be difficult to top this moment…