Channing Tatum Is ‘Very Pro-Feminism’ And Wants To Meet ‘Bad Feminist’ Roxane Gay

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Magic Mike XXL‘s key demographic is women. However, it was an unexpected surprise for the film to be lauded by many as a feminist film, thanks to its messages of body-positivity, sex-positivity, and generally pro-woman vibes. The dudes from Tampa think that all ladies deserve love, and they want to be the ones to provide it.

One person who noticed the latent feminism appearing on screen was Roxane Gay, author of the best-selling book Bad Feminist, creator of the Butter, and noted Channing Tatum fan.

Her hilarious and glowing review of the film went viral, so much so that Daily Life mentioned her in an interview with Magic Mike XXL stars Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello. After hearing about her positive response to the film, Tatum and Manganiello were very open to the idea of feminist discourse:

Tatum: … I wanna talk to her. We’re gonna do a Magic Mike Vegas show, and it’s… (sighs). ‘Feminist’ is like a hard word for me to throw around. I would love to say I’m a feminist but I don’t study feminism, so I can’t just go, like, “Yes, I’m a feminist!”. But I’m very pro-feminism. I wanna talk to her about the Magic Mike show.

Manganiello: I’m glad she digs it! Because, you know, I can see how it is pro-feminist. But it’s also a movie where the men retain their masculinity, which I think is, you know, a balancing act. I’m glad that she enjoys it. We’re still guys.

Tatum: Yeah, it’s exactly that. Let’s put each other on an equal playing field, and have a conversation.

While it’s clear that these guys have a few things to learn about modern feminism, it’s refreshing to see male stars so open-minded and receptive to the idea.

(Via the Toast and Daily Life)