Channing Tatum And Jenna Dewan-Tatum Post An Adorable Tribute To ‘Step Up’

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We had to. #stepup10years

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There might be an alternate dimension out there where Antonio Banderas‘ 2006 dance drama Take the Lead knocked out four sequels and helped open the door for an upper-middlebrow stripper dramedy that would sweep the nation, but we don’t live in that dimension. We live in the dimension where Step Up (which came out the same year) accomplished all those feats and made Channing Tatum a laptop wallpaper staple for the past decade and presumably the next.

The box office toppling dance-driven offering celebrated its 10th anniversary today, and the occasion was marked with an appropriate tribute from the film’s two leads. Jenna Dewan-Tatum took to Instagram to show off the dancing prowess she and her husband are known for and neither talent seems the slightest bit out of step. Maybe it was a pressure of performing in front giant hearts and text that reads “10 years later” that did the trick. Or, more accurately, the couple are just really, really, really good at dancing. It’s almost as if that’s why they were in Step Up.

The celebration of the motion picture didn’t stop there. An industrial strength cute throwback pic was also placed on display featuring Jenna and Channing in all their 2006 glory.

“#tbt to on set of Step Up,” gushed the accompanying caption. “I cannot believe it’s the 10 year anniversary of the release today!! Ahhhh where does the time go?? Love you all and thanks for all the love all these years.”

This might be the nudge all of us need to get around to signing up for dance lessons.

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