Channing Tatum And Joseph Gordon-Levitt Are Teaming Up To Bring Us The R-Rated Musical We Deserve

Despite our cynical attempts to deny it, the movie musical is making a comeback. We are living through particularly turbulent times, and sometimes the soaring choruses and choreographed moves are just what the doctor ordered to put our minds momentarily at ease. With La La Land winning Oscars (and our hearts) and Crazy Ex Girlfriend proving that musicals can be more than just romantic, the time has never been better to hope on this dancing train. Now, it seems that two Hollywood heavyweights are getting in on this action.

According to Variety, Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be teaming up for a movie musical. Excuse me, but this deserves a celebratory gif break.

Anyway, Gordon-Levitt will be directing and producing as well as costarring alongside Tatum in the tentatively titled Wingmen, an R-Rated musical about “two pilots who crash-land in Las Vegas. According to sources, the film is in the vein of Pitch Perfect meets Book of Mormon, with the duo covering Top 100 hits with a touch of adult humor.” Consider us on board.

There had previously been rumblings of a remake of Guys and Dolls starring Gordon-Levitt and Tatum, but this project sounds a bit more fun than the more traditional musical. These two are sure to charm the daylights out of us all either way.

(Via Variety)